Name: 寺地 心夜 (Terachi Shinya)
Muse's band/etc.: Dir en Grey
Muse's AIM name: jpop fan shinya
Age: 20
Profession: Cashier (at the Music store)
Bio: Shinya is an undergraduate at Wasada University in Tokyo. Although he is a good student, his major (Music) doesn't keep him too busy at all times, so he took a parttime job at the local music store where he can better indulge in his love for J-pop. Especially Ayumi Hamasaki and Morning Musume.

Should I clear this with anyone?
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Hi~!! I'm so happy that we have so many members. ^___^

Well, I just wanted to say that I've been super busy with my job, so I haven't really been able to get on AIM (and I am several people), so I have no idea if anything is happening on AIM (I hope it is :3).

I'll do my best to get on tommorow night, and maybe we can all rp together. ^___^

Please tell your friends about this RP so we can get more people involved. And let me know if there is anything I should do/be doing, that I am not.

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Name: Wataru
Muse's band/etc.: 12012
Muse's AIM name:
Age: 26
Profession: boring desk job
Bio: Wataru is a plain, boring, ordinary person with a plain ordinary, boring job.
He acts pretty normal most of the time, but every once in a while, he can be a little silly or cute. He believes in following his heart. He has a tiny dog named Heart-chan who he claims to be his girlfriend/daughter.
Wataru is struggling to hide a big secret from his past.

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Name: Kim Jaejoong. (Hero)
Muse's band/etc.: TVXQ, DBSK. We can go on FOREVER. 
Muse's AIM name: kimjoongie (for now because that sn is full of crap) 
Age: 22
Profession: Model/bartender  
Bio: Jaejoong lives in Japan and currently lives with his boyfriend since highschool, Yesung. There's nothing important about him really at all. He's good friends with Kim Heechul and they also work in the same modeling company. On weekends, he works as a bartender at a local bar just for some extra cash and the sometimes free booze. He doesn't really have a goal or an aspiration like many others seem to. Jaejoong just lives life and works around whatever is thrown at him. He's the kind of guy who comes off as a bastard, but in actual, he's quite the opposite if you got to know him. Ask his friends or his boyfriend, they know. It's hard to tell when he's joking and when he's not sometimes, but when he's actually pissed off, you'll really know. That is all.

[[ if anybody else would like to set up slate with jae, you can pm us something on this journal or in a comment here :D


Name: Kim Jongwoon (Yesung)
Muse's band/etc.: Super Junior
Muse's AIM name: just second best
Age: 22
Profession: Singer at a bar, aspiring superstar. >o>
Bio: Ever since he was young, Jongwoon had a love for all things music (especially singing). He'd taken singing lessons since grade ten, where he met Jaejoong. Not long after, they fell in love and had been together ever since.

Now, Jongwoon has come to Japan to follow his dream and all that mushy good stuff.
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Dear everyone,
The boy in the icon is now mine. Aka Heo Youngsaeng. Please don't ask him to strip or ask him to have sex with you or ask him to sit in your lap, etc. I would not like that and I would most likely teepee your house. Or something meaner. :)
Love Seungyeon~~